DN Events – May 10th – The First of 2024!!

DN Events – May 10th – The First of 2024!!

36 hours of complete madness to take part in the DN events Nordschliefe track day at the Nurburgring. 

As usual we decided to trailer our track spec e46 M3 which had just had new front brakes fitted ready for the season opener.  We’ve owned the car for over 10 years now, its done 100k miles and is still running standard engine and gearbox.  These cars are SOOOOOOO strong.  Its unbelievable how much abuse they can take with simple mods.

The day started early in Thursday 9th as we headed to Folkstone for an early tunnel.  We needed to be in Adenau by 430pm for the infamous DN events briefing and sign on.  We arrived on time with great weather all the way.  It was good to see Darren doing his ‘old skool’ safety briefing and reminding us all to respect each other on the track (don’t be a d*ck! Basically)

We got to our accommodation in Adenau just in time for a cheeky beer in the sun at our usual place the Blaue Ecke. We’ve been staying here now for 17 years and still love it when the sun is shining, sat outside watching the cars coming and going and you’ve got a cold Bitburger on the go!

Friday morning started early as we need to unload the trailer and get the car out for the important sighting laps.  We always try and do the sighting laps to see any changes that have been made and get some heat into the new brakes.  Unfortunately we were a little late (blame the Bitburgers) and we started our sighting laps as the track went Green!!  Not ideal but thankfully there weren’t too many cars on track.

The weather in the Eifel was amazing!! We had a great day putting in around 16 laps with the car running really well.  It was good to see Chris Harris there driving his own car but also the Porsche owned GT3 RS and Misha who ended up doing a lap in our M3 (video hopefully to follow!).

At 415 when the track day finished, the place was real busy as the Touristenfahrten was about getting into full flow for the weekend.  We managed to navigate our way out of the dusty car park, get the car on the trailer despite the heat and hot tyres and back to Calais by 930pm in record time (thanks to the sunny weather on route).  Train on time at 1020pm was a result – although we nearly ran out of petrol in our haste to make it to the UK side!  Quick bit of fuel from the extortionate UK motorway services and we were home tucked in bed by just after midnight.

A proper way to spend a couple of days!!  Bring on Ringmeisters with DN events in July.



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