About Us

The Wheel Stand Racing team were established in 2011.  Our aim was to make affordable steering wheel stands and racing cockpits for like minded gamers and track day drivers who were getting more serious about their racing.  We have been the no.1 seller and Amazon's choice for many years!

Steering Wheel Stand Car Nurburgring

Having spent many years taking part in UK and European track days we wanted somewhere to start practicing the tracks at home.  We were all driving game fans and had been playing Gran Turisma, Forza and F1 for years (not to mention all the others!).  

However using the controllers was quite limiting...............

When we looked around the market at the time there were only one or two options that were very expensive.  We decided to use our manufacturing experience to build an affordable and great quality stand that would work with most steering wheels and pedals.  At the time it was really only Logitech and Fanatec.

Fast forward 10 years and we are still doing our track days and work closely with Destination Nurburgring and Circuit Days (including some sponsorship).  We have developed our range, further improved our quality whilst sticking to our mission of providing affordable racing wheel stands and rigs for people getting into the sport.

We attend regular charity events including mission motorsport and will be looking to start supporting young drivers getting into the sport.  

Thanks for all your support over the years and let's hope we can continue supporting those getting into motorsport for years to come. 

Wheel Stand Racing - Affordable Quality Racing Cockpits and Steering Wheel Stands

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